On Flag Burning

When people around the world burn the US flag it means something. They don't do it for no reason, they do it because their family has been destroyed by an invasion by the US government. Or because one of their loved might've died directly in a drone strike. Or because the US constantly harasses, taunts …

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“Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun”

"All communists must grasp the truth: political power grows out of the barrel of a gun" -Mao Zedong At first glance this quote may seem rather odd and mysterious but the points it is making are very important to understand. One; Revolution by peaceful means is useless and only endlessly goes in circles. It is …

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The North Korean State Structure

Introduction The deceitful imperialist hounds of the western media attempt to portray the DPRK as a cruel, corrupt, and undemocratic individual dictatorship. Unsurprisingly, the gullible western population, including some so-called “socialists” that are against the DPRK, actually believe this slanderous nonsense and spew it fiercely to try and discredit the nation. What they don’t realize …

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Imperialism: Finance Capital and Credits

In 2015, the biggest exporters were as follows: Exports in billion U.S. dollars China ~ 2,274.95 United States ~ 1,504.91 Germany ~ 1,329.47 Japan ~ 624.94 Netherlands ~ 567.22 Now, given my previous post on imperialism and how it rose in China, and that rise would lead to America slipping. A big reason for this, …

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My Thoughts On Revolution

This will be a brief post explaining my thoughts and opinion on socialist revolution. This text was not proof read nor revised, some grammatical errors and writing errors in general may still be found in these texts. I will probably build upon and expand this post over time.   Thoughts On Revolution In what conditions …

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Response to New Democracy and MLM

Response to @smashing.nirvana and his challenging of Stalinism-Hoxhaism (Just Marxism-Leninism, btw) and to address the question on Class collaboration in Maoism: Would this class-collaboration be counterrevolutionary, if the classes within the collaboration are all revolutionary, though not all equally revolutionary? The answer is now obviously ‘No.’ Then, what do the Leninists have to critique concerning …

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On Gender

This will be a very brief and concise piece on gender and sex. Right away I know I'm going to get comments from the right saying I'm an SJW, feminist, and their entire category of insults and from the liberals I'm going to be called a bigot, sexist, and their category of insults. So please …

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On Africa

On Africa This essay was written to explain why Africa is actually poor in order to refute the racists that say it's poor because of the majority black population. I will probably rewrite this in the future to be more organized and smooth to read but without further ado here is the essay White Supremacist …

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