On Flag Burning

When people around the world burn the US flag it means something. They don’t do it for no reason, they do it because their family has been destroyed by an invasion by the US government. Or because one of their loved might’ve died directly in a drone strike. Or because the US constantly harasses, taunts and mistreats their nation and brings hardship upon their daily life, being in fear constantly, being afraid if you’ll even live to the next day – the burning of the flag isn’t for no reason. It’s in protest of murder, genocide and rape. People burning the flag are saying they’re tired of the government carrying on these obvious violations of human rights.

If China was drone striking US citizens and Americans burned the Chinese flag to represent their anger and frustration that their people are being killed and terrorized by a foreign invader then it is done rightfully so. To hell with the invader nation.

So when the US government constantly oppresses, terrorizes, rapes, destroys nations and kills innocent people all over the world and the people of that nation or the invader nation burn the flag in protest of genocide then it is done rightfully so as human life tends to be more important than a brightly colored flag.

Further, if you don’t want to see caskets of soldiers wrapped in the flag then quit sending those people to die in a rich mans war. They’re good people and they shouldn’t be forced to terrorize others and possibly be killed to maintain an evil empire that they have no control of. |


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