Imperialism: Finance Capital and Credits

In 2015, the biggest exporters were as follows:

Exports in billion U.S. dollars
China ~ 2,274.95
United States ~ 1,504.91
Germany ~ 1,329.47
Japan ~ 624.94
Netherlands ~ 567.22

Now, given my previous post on imperialism and how it rose in China, and that rise would lead to America slipping.

A big reason for this, Is the use of credits, loans, co-operation in joint companies (Multinational companies as I explain in my previous post) Now, both America and China invest in undeveloped and poor countries, due to low production costs, while exploiting the working masses of those countries. It invests in order to secure raw materials, monopolize markets and to sell its industrial products. Due to the uneven development, these imperialist and developed companies export precisely to those who require investments. Due to the cheap labour, the profits are gained hand over fist. In 1971, the ratio was 5:1, in 2016 Across all companies, the average CEO pay was $13.8 million per year, the average median worker pay was about $77,800, and the average ratio of CEO pay to median worker pay was 204. In other words, on average, CEOs earn around 204 times what his or her median worker earns.

Credits are used in order to disguise this export, meaning that big monopolies of each imperialist power fatten the profits at the hands of these undeveloped countries which only, in reality serve the bourgeoisie who rule these countries. From this, debt is caused, from 1971-1975 the debt was 150 billion, in 2005 The developing world now spends $13 on debt repayment for every $1 it receives in grants. For the poorest countries (approximately 60), $550 billion has been paid in both principal and interest over the last three decades, on $540bn of loans, and yet there is still a $523 billion dollar debt burden.

It’s a Web, spun by these imperialist and developed countries to further drive the masses in further poverty (which is a global epidemic and has killed ~400 million people since 1995).

In the pseudo-socialist countries (democratic socialist, market socialists, etc.) credits worked where large credits were provided as trade credits which must be related in a short time typically. They are usually provided by joint capitalist countries who have taken calculations of their profits as well as taking into account the economic potential and ability to pay. [Note: In no capacity is socialism being built, in a genuine socialist country like, credits are never accepted i.e. Albania]

However, in a genuine socialist (True Marxist-Leninist) country, it works a quite differently. The principle is that every country Is independent and sovereign, it must mobilize the entire people, define the economic policy correctly, and take the correct steps to exploiting the wealth as much as possible to administer the wealth under the slogan “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”. This also requires an involved, disciplined and in correct line to prevent bureaucracy, maintain democracy and uphold criticism and self-criticism.

Aid under socialism is supplementary, credits under socialist trade constitute disinterested Internationalist aid, which means that no capitalist methods are used, it never impoverishes the masses, rather it helps develop agriculture and industry (which under the Marxist-Leninist line, is necessary i.e. socialism in one country) and harmonizes/improves the life of the working masses which in turn, strengthens socialism. The strong socialist countries should make it their duty to help the developing socialist countries as well. It also doesn’t mean that relations can’t be had with non socialist countries but, it can only be of mutual interest and not allow indebtedness, because relations based on exploitation of small states by the big, it’s enslavement.

Now, this ties in with finance capital, which Vladimir Lenin said casts a net all over the world which is caused by the Union of Banks and Industry (insurance, etc.)

The personal union of Bank directors and those of monopolies brought finance capital from this union which includes all forms of capital. This comes from Banking Capital merging with industrial capital and as we see in 2016, This is caused by a couple things;

A. Banks are interested in the fate of their credits which they advanced to the industrialists
B. Banks mediate to ensure that the industrialists reach agreement to avoid competition
C. The banks become direct investors in the production (setting up joint-stock companies) which causes banking to penetrate in industry and all other fields.

And these Cartels, syndicates and Multinational
Companies work systematically; first, it seizes the Internal markets, gain control of agriculture, industry and enslave the working class. Then it generates super profits and then evolves to an international presence and exploits as I mentioned earlier. Finance Capital plays a direct role.

Now, To quote Lenin “This transformation of competition into monopoly, Is one of the most important phenomena, if not the most important in the economy of present day capitalism” and in 2016 it is the most apparent that concentration is happening.
The FORBES Global 2000 ranking is based on a composite score from equally-weighted measures of revenue, profits, assets and market value. The 2016 list features public companies from 63 countries that together account for $35 trillion in revenue, $2.4 trillion in profit, $162 trillion of assets, and have a combined market value of $44 trillion. And it also employs 72 million workers worldwide. Now given the fact that small businesses and such are either under control in some way by the monopolies, the numbers are even more in favor for the top 8% who control 85% of the world’s wealth and it’s only concentrating more.

These characteristics are that of neo-colonialism, which, in order to exploit the riches of some countries to the max, makes some cautious concessions in favor of the bourgeois-capitalist, or feudal rule, of course not to its detriment. So far, Lenin’s thesis is correct in that, the interests of the bourgeoisie can be interlocked just as the interest of private monopolies can be with state monopolies. Government loans, credits and aids of the capitalist or revisionist variety are the most used forms of exported capital on the planet.

As I mentioned earlier, these economic credits also have a political motive. The states which gain this “aid” support and consolidate the political power as well as economic power to defend the interests of capital whether it be political,military or economic interests. This accumulation of capital creates extreme profits for the elite classes as well as those feudal rulers as well. This causes poverty, hunger and other terrible conditions, which China and maoists call “the 3rd world” though the wage disparity is pretty even world wide as far the struggle. Now, some countries are backwards in development overall but are very rich [in its capitalist/feudalistic leadership] but the struggle must be fought worldwide.

Since imperialism, which is fought by America and China, has grown on a world scale, This year’s Global 2000 companies hail from 60 countries and account for combined revenues of $39 trillion, profits of $3 trillion, with assets worth $162 trillion, and a market value of $48 trillion. Thanks to a bull market, the total market value of Global 2000 companies grew 9% year-over-year, the most among the four metrics, and this is just last year. In 2014, the U.S. investments made abroad amounted to approximately 4.92 trillion U.S. dollars. China investments’ abroad are massive, amounting to $870 billion at the end of last year.

From this, I will again that Lenin (Stalin and Hoxha) had a correct analysis, but I will stick with Lenin who analyzed Imperialism and the transition from a State-monopoly to imperialism as the territorial division of the world among the great imperialist powers must be completed first. He said;

“…in the sense that the colonial policy of the capitalist countries has completed the seizure of unoccupied territories on our planet. For the first time, the world is completely divided up, so that In the future only redivision is possible, that is, territories can only pass from one ‘owner’ to another”

From this quote to Post-Second World War, we have seen New colonialism which comprises an entire system of economic, political, military, and idealistic measures, which imperialism has built with the aim of maintaining dominance, while adapting new conditions. These new conditions brought a change in the ratio of forces in the world. While defeating fascism, the old colonial powers were weak (as mentioned above) and realized that their methods were outdated and it was realized not because they wanted freedom [they didn’t] but it was caused by the pressure of the toiling masses. In that situation, these former imperialist powers had to grant autonomy or promise freedom and independence after a certain time. During this, they “allegedly” allowed for the creation of consciousness of self-government and trained local cadres.

This only served to stall the masses from the new forms of exploitation, while giving the illusion that countries like North Africa (and others who fought in the period post war for “liberation”) that they “won” their freedom. Now, because America was affected very little, they seized the opportunity and took control in the former, weaker colonial countries. This caused countries like Vietnam and Algeria to raise a revolution and gain liberation. This also confirmed Lenins theory that imperialism was in decay, and the old capitalist guard was being eroded by revolutionary movements and people who want freedom.

Now since that time, as I have mentioned, America and China serve to be the 2 imperialist forces leading the charge in wealth, finance capital, and dominance over all in some way. With America having done it first, it’s military, political, economic and social influence is set but China is catching up in near every aspect. It’s due to the ideology of finance capital, which precedes it in its exploitation of the working masses and conquest oh the world. It justifies this by many propagated attempts of bogus freedom, independence and intervening in other governments (See the School of assassins, coup in Ukraine, Panama Papers). From this and the exported American Dream, we can conclude that the Neo-colonialism and imperialist powers through economic, political, military treaties and agreements are merely weapons to keep these countries under control.

Again we turn to Lenin who said, “….the need constantly to explain and expose the broadest working working masses of all countries, and particularly of the backwards countries, the deception systematically practiced by the imperialist powers which, under the guise of independent states, in fact, set up states that are wholly dependant upon them” which is again, following the correct line.

In order to keep dominance these powers start conflicts whether in neighboring states or different social groups and from this justify the need to interfere in some “just” way. This causes conflicts to remain unsolved as we see in the Syrian conflict, Middle East in whole, etc. This consolidation and struggle for capital leads to conflicts among different states [England in the EU, Russia vs America, BRICS vs NATO, etc] which start as local wars and lead to bigger conflicts..

In conclusion, Leninism teaches us that wars in general have a predatory character and oppose liberation, only when people rise against the bourgeoisie, is it a just war. We are at the Stage of Moribund Capitalism [imperialism] and its basis is monopoly. The contradictions are coming to a head and need only a revolutionary push to defy the Capitalist New world order and through an even Marxist-Leninist line erase the contradictions one by one, using the dialectical process and historical materialism as well as adapting the theory from Marx to Hoxha while remaining true to the classics of Marxism-Leninism and forever fight under the banner of World Communism.

Thank you,
Comrade Staricka (edited by Aaron b.)


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